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Post AEP Survey Results and Analysis

How are you feeling about this AEP?

The average answer was 71, with 0 being awful and 100 being amazing. AEP can be really stressful especially due to the time crunch so we are happy that our agents averaged out at 71. We would of course love to see our agents feeling great about AEP they had and see a score of 100!


Was this your first AEP?

This was question was to show that their are still agents who have never participated in AEP and for them to see how many more agents are taking advantage of the opportunities AEP can offer.


Did you submit less, more or an exact amount of applications than planned?

These results were close but unfortunately 'less' was the majority. For our agents who took this survey even though the majority didn't submit as many as planned the next question shows that they still did more than last year. We love encouraging our agents to aim high and next year hope to see the majority as 'more'.


Did you do less, more or exact same business as last year?

This shows that more than half of our agents did more business than last year! Congratulations to those agents! For those agents that did less or same as last year, we will be in contact about how to do more next year.


How many applications did you submit this AEP?

We have agents with all sizes of business. Those that just do friends and family and those that have many downlines. With that said seeing that more than half of our agents submitted 6-30 applications this AEP is great! Good Job!


Was the majority of your business new or existing clients?

These results were only a difference of 16% but with the majority being 'new' clients shows that the senior market is a great business to be in.


What changes were most common for you?

For our agents the common change was joining, switching, or dropping a Prescription Drug plan. Then second to that was clients changing from one Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare Advantage plan. With switching to Original Medicare being the least amount is a good sign for all agents in the senior market.


Did you utilize our updated AEP Resource Center?

It is unfortunate that only 25% of agents utilized our AEP Resource Center this AEP. To be sure all our agents aware of this great tool we will be creating more direct links for easier access.


We appreciate all the agents that participated in the survey and we have some great things already in the works for next year. Our goal here is to always provide the best service and help light the path to great success for all agents.