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Now Offering Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

Why we’re now offering Achieve:

  • It’s a plan that offers many of the same benefits as Humana’s premier line of products at a great value.
  • If you have a current contract with Humana, you already have access to Achieve!
  • 12% HHD (2 policies must be sold) *Depending on state
  • Competitive commissions
  • Newly lower priced premiums
  • A Fortune 100 company behind you
  • Customer service recognize by Newsweek as best amoung health insurance companies*
  • Extra services for your clients - at no additonal cost
  • No policy or application fees
  • #1 Health Care Provider (Forbes)
  • #3 Best Health Insurance Company1
  • #5 Most Valuable Healthcare Brand in 20192
  • Largest health insurer based in the South1
  • FastApp – Humana Online Enrollment Tool (•E-signature •Digital – Signature Pad •IVR – Voice Signature)
  • Average issue time ≈5-7 days
  • Paper Enrollment

* 1. 2. Brand Finance

You know Humana is a big deal in the Medicare Supplement industry, and it’s a name that your clients probably know, too.

Call Eldercare at 800-777-9322 today to find out the details on this Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy.

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