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Medicare Places "Seamless Conversion" Process on Pause

"Seamless Conversion", a Medicare-approved process has been placed on hold temporarily pending further directives.  Many seniors have been shocked to discover their automatic enrollment into a Medicare Advantage plan through thtimeoutthumbe little-known process, some by receiving astronomical bills for visits to doctors that are now considered out of their network that weren't before.  The current structure of the process allows approved companies the ability to automatically enroll their plan recipients into one of their Medicare Advantage plans with only a written notice provided to them 60 days prior to the switch giving them the option to opt out.

After complaints from multiple seniors and advocacy groups, the CMS issued in a memorandum that they will not allow any new companies to be approved for seamless conversion until further restrictions can be placed on the process, and that the restrictions will be implemented with the companies who have already received approval as well.

Seniors and advocacy groups argued that the only requirement for the companies to seamlessly enroll them into a plan being one written notice was simply not enough, and could be easily overlooked in all of the other correspondence from companies about their Medicare products as they are turning 65.  One request is that the companies must have the written consent to convert their clients to a Medicare Advantage plan.