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Make it the right time to buy

now-later-bigIt is never the right time to buy nor is enough money saved...EVER! It is our job as insurance agents to encourage our clients to act now! We have a responsibility to educate them that it is never convenient to purchase health insurance, final expense, or even a cancer policy (and this is just to name a few) but they do not want to wait because the unexpected happens every day. Below are 2 ways to create a sense of urgency this time of the year.

  1. Post Tax Season. After paying that hefty tab for the accountant and those gut wrenching taxes, who isn't ready to make some changes for the following year? Let your clients know, some of their investments may help with their taxes next year.
  2. Tax Return Checks. Clients invest when they have money in their pockets- tax return checks are a perfect example. If your client has received their refund, ask them, "What did you do with last years refund?" some might have not a clue. Use this as an opportunity to to put that money to work while investing in their or their families future.

Can I get a hallelujah tax season is OVER!?!?!