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How To Find A Client's Old Drug List On

HOW TO FIND A CLIENT'S OLD DRUG LIST ON MEDICARE.GOV – You can still find saved drug lists from the old Medicare Plan Finder to help clients create a new one in the new Medicare Plan Finder.

(NOTE: The old drug lists will only be available until the end of AEP.) Share this link with your clients to find and download their list:

Quick Updates


You can no longer save drug list

Can no longer sort by total lowest cost

It is not compatible in FireFox or Safari

Has false info: Plan B covers deductible, issue age is less than attained age

Can't see quantity limits

Does not say if all drugs are on formulary

Now gives option at top for 2019 or 2020

Only let's you see 10 plans at a time

No back button

MAPD, PDP and DSNP all mixed together


You can save drug list

MedicareCenter does what no longer provides
• Save drug list
• Compatible on FireFox and Safari
• No false information
• Says if all drugs are on the formulary
• Separate website for 2019 and 2020
• Let's you see all plan available
• Has a back button
• Can sort by total lowest cost

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