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2016 AEP is on its way out, 2017 Plan Year is on its way in!

end2016thumbThere are only seven days left in 2016 AEP!  We know you're busy seeing your last clients and finishing up your apps, but don't forget that just as quickly as AEP is over, a brand new year begins.  You will want to be prepared for plan year 2017, so here are a couple of things to keep in mind before January 1st:

  1. All companies will be releasing their 2017 Outlines of Coverage containing the deductibles and updated information.  Be sure you are looking over them and are aware of any changes.
  2. Before you place your supply orders, you may want to consider getting enough ordered to get you through the year.  Estimate how much you think you will need and get them ordered early so you can spend your time selling in 2017.

As always, contact us for any of your questions or needs!  We're here to help you close out this year's AEP on a high note and get 2017 off to a great start!