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Would You Refer You?

Referrals are arguably the most solid leads available, and a large percentage of your clients may say they would refer you to a friend.  So the question is- are they?  If yoreferrals-thumbu are not receiving regular referrals from your clients, you may need to do some further investigating to find out why.  You may be thinking your clients are  overjoyed with your services, but there may be a disconnect between what you think they feel and how they actually feel.  It's also a possibility that they are overjoyed with your services, but a good way to find out is to do a client survey.

Surveys can be conducted through the mail or through email using an electronic survey service.  There are several available to use that provide you with a link to distribute to your clients, and the software will record and display the data so you can see which areas you are thriving and also where you could use some improvement.  So now that you have established you need to get some feedback from your customers, crafting the questions is the next task.  A good place to start is to ask yourself "Would I refer me?  If I were a customer, what would an agent do to get my referral?", then break it down by concept.  Questions can be formed to meet even more specific issues you would like to harvest data about.  Establish a rating scale like 1-10 or below average, average, above average, and exceptionally above average.  Below are some ideas to get you started:

  1. I have made adequate contact with you to keep you informed.
  2. The information I have provided you with was valuable and answered your questions.
  3. I have gone above and beyond to provide you with quality customer service.
  4. Do you feel that doing business with me was a simple and relaxing process?
  5. Do you feel like things were done correctly from the beginning?
  6. Can you think of anyone that could be helped by my services?

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