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Why We Chase Agents, Not Contracts: Part 1

Any time you see a thriving business you can't help but wonder, "How did they do that?  What's their secret?"  Of course there are many different combinations how a company becomes successful, but there is one characteristic on the bottom of many of their priority lists that may shock you...  Don't do business for the money.agentchasethumb

Sounds ridiculous, right?  It's really not.  Of course, a big part of doing business is making money, but if you make that your sole purpose you're likely to miss the forest for the trees.  In our industry, it's all about the agent.  That's why at Eldercare, we make agents our priority and it shows.  Loyalty and customer service are the values that have taken our organization from a two-person operation above a garage to a full-service brokerage assisting thousands of agents across the country.

If you haven't experienced the Eldercare difference, you really should.  We answer the phone, we get you answers, and work with companies on your behalf.  We are positive once you have done business with us, you will want to do more- because we value you.  A good relationship and to help guide your path to success is what we are chasing- not just a contract.  We know our investment in your success will come full circle and allow us to continue helping more and more agents just like you.  We know if we chase you instead of contracts, everybody wins.

Don't believe us?  Stay tuned for Part 2 where you will see one of our top producing 37-year veteran agents tell you about his relationship with Eldercare Insurance Services, Inc.