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Why do Medicare Advantage and Hospital Indemnity make the Perfect Pair?

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans only cover 21% of hospital cost and the Out of Pocket expenses continue to rise. Hospital Indemnity (HI) plans help fill the coverage gaps and limit Out of Pocket expenses.

Source: Cubanski, Juliette, and Tricia Neuman. “The facts on Medicare Spending and Financing. ”Kaiser Family Foundation, 18 Jul, 2017

We all know that Medicare Advantage plans play a big role in the future of health insurance, so it is very important to know what plans will pair up best with them. We have done the research and we know that when it comes to hospital cost, Hospital Indemnity plans along with Medicare Advantage plans make the perfect pair.

Hospital Indemnity plans provide cash benefits!

Hospital Indemnity plans also let your clients use ANY doctor or hospital. The graph below shows real numbers when it comes to hospital stays. Show this graph to your clients for proof that hospitalization can happen unexpectedly.

Do you offer a Hospital Indemnity Plan? AEP is coming soon and pitching a Hospital Indemnity plan will help your client with hospital cost and help you make up for lost commission on replacement Medicare Advantage plans.



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