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When All Else Fails... Refer to the Golden Rule

You can spend a lot of time researching different ways to improve your sales- the internet is flooded with resources, articles, and newsletters.  Scores upon scores of books have been written full of "secrets" and "tricks of the trade".  There is never anything wrong with exploring what's available out there, and you never know what it will take to trigger that light bulb to go off in your head that will help you improve your customer relations...  but is it possible it could all really get down to that one simple rule?  That rule you've kindnessthumbprobably been hearing since childhood from your grandma, grandpa, mom or dad?

Sure, selling insurance is "business", but who says business shouldn't be mindful of that human element?  Everyone wants to be treated with kindness, respect and importance and your clients are no different.  Perhaps that genuine sense of caring is exactly what will set you apart from all of the other agents vying for their attention.  Show your clients they're important to you by answering their calls and being on time for meetings.  Show them respect by listening to their needs and concerns.  Show them kindness with a smile and desire to help.  When the pressure of sales and need for improvement begins to rise, try not to miss the forest while you're counting all the trees.  Remember:  sometimes the answer is getting back to the basics, and it doesn't get much more basic than treating others as you would like to be treated.