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What Does A "Successful" AEP Actually Mean?


The 2nd week of AEP is already done and gone. That means there are only 6 weeks left. Even though it seems AEP just started the count down until the end has begun.

So where do you stand on having a successful AEP?

The majority of people who change plans in AEP do so within the first few weeks. This means if you are on the track to success you have had a completely booked first two weeks. Here are some bullet points on what it means to have a successful AEP:

  • See AT LEAST 2 appointments a day
  • Set appointments on weekends
  • Submit AT LEAST 5 applications a week
  • View your last years quantity and beat that
  • Research your competitors numbers and try to do more
  • Use ALL forms of marketing: Mailers, TV, Facebook, Radio, Newspaper, etc.
  • Set cross sell appointments
  • Have no pending applications

If you have done or are doing the above then you are on track to have a successful AEP!

We are on stand by 7 days a week during AEP.