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Want Quality Sales? Keep it Real with your Clients.

There really are no "secrets" to sales - it's all about keeping it real; and if you're not keeping it real with your clients, they will know it.  independent insurance agent insurance brokerage

Did you know that your words only account for 7 percent of the message you are sending to someone?  93 percent of what you are saying is said through a combination of nonverbal communication and voice tones.  So what does that tell you?  You could have the most eloquent speech to deliver to your client ever prepared but if you don't truly feel what you are saying to be true those words will likely fall on deaf ears.

Authenticity is the key to turning your communication with your clients into a connection.  Any agent can give them a call or come into their home and tell them the same spiel, the only thing that makes you the one they are going to want to buy from is your ability to make them feel that you truly want to help them.

All sounds simple enough, right?  But we also know it can sometimes be intimidating to meet with clients and know exactly what to say or how to communicate, especially with different personality types.  Here are 3 things to remember that will help you keep it real with your clients.

  1. People can smell a rat- and nobody likes rats.  I can't think of a single person who ever had an enjoyable experience with the sleazy salesman- and sleazy salesmen are those who are out for themselves and their bottom line regardless of how it effects the client's health or pocketbook.  Are you that guy (or gal)?  Don't be.  You really don't want that for your clients or your career.
  2. Clients are going to have doubts, and that's okay.  You will have clients who are stand-offish to you and what you're offering, and you must know that it's okay- and it's okay to let them know that.  Acknowledging that nothing is "too good to be true" establishes credibility with them and gives you the opportunity to invite them to work with you to find the best possible fit.
  3. Whatever matters to them is what matters to you.  Don't over read their situation and try to change around their needs.  Sure, you should cross-sell if you identify a new need, but take care of their first priorities.  If you make their main concerns your main concern you'll be good to go.