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Updated 2016 Medicare Marketing Guidelines

CMS released an updated version of Medicare Marketing Guidelines for 2016 on 7/2/2015.  Below is a link to the CMS issued document with the updated verbiage printedcompliancethumb in red.  It is very important for agents selling  Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Employer/Union-Sponsored Group Health Plans, Medicare-Medicaid Plans, and Section 1876 Cost Plans to remain current on the MMG to ensure they are in compliance.

Some sections important to agents that have been updated are:

30.3- Plan/Part D Sponsor Responsibility for Subcontractor Activities and Submission of Materials for CMS Review

70.9.3- Scope of Appointment

100.6- Social Media (this Section is completely new)

Section Appendix 1- Definitions- VAIS (Value Added Items and Services)

CLICK HERE to review the CMS document