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UnitedHealthcare Leaves AHIP- What Does That Mean for Your Certifications This Year?

ahipLast week it was announced that UnitedHealthcare was parting ways from AHIP, one of the nation's largest insurance lobbyists and provider of widely accepted standardized certification testing.  UnitedHealthcare stated "UnitedHealth Group believes the interest of our company and the customers we serve are no longer best represented by AHIP and accordingly are ending our membership effective June 30".  They further explained that "AHIP has set forth a strategy and direction it feels best serves a membership profile and need that does not fit UnitedHealth Group and our diversified portfolio." 

UHC's departure from AHIP will not effect certifications this year.  AHIP will continue to replace the Medicare Basics, Ethics & Compliance, and MA & PDP portions of their company certification; however, next year you may want to prepare for a different certification process for UnitedHealthcare.