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Turn Follow-Up Calls into Follow-Up Sales

Follow-uFollowUpCallthumbp calls can be an extremely effective way of closing sales.  Clients may not have agreed to purchase your product the first day for a variety of different reasons and touching base with them can be very effective.  But just like you have to present your products and yourself in face to face sales, your follow-up calls have to be treated in the same way.  Telling your client you are "just checking in" or "following up" can be the equivalent to sales suicide.  The last thing you want your client to think is that you are just one more salesperson trying to make a dollar.  Considering these three methods for your follow-up calls could breathe new life into your sales.

  1. Provide Your Clients with Additional Information.

    Search for some extra resources you can provide to your client about the products you presented to them.  You can approach the call:  "Mrs. Jones, I know it's a big decision to make a personal purchase like this, and that's why I wanted to provide you with this (website/case study/article) about the product you are considering.  I would love to schedule a time we could go over this information together and answer any additional questions you may have."

  2. Remind Them of the Value

    Your client is considering purchasing your product because it will provide value to their life in some way, whether it is providing them with the coverage they need, saving them money, or both.  Explaining this reminds them of why they need what you are offering:  "Mr. Smith, I know we discussed how this product will save you (X amount of money) and cover the conditions you have.  I would love to provide you with these benefits as soon as I can."

  3. Share Stories & Insights

    Think of similar sales situations and how you were able to help a previous client and see if you can further analyze their situation.  Share these stories and ideas and relate them positively to your client's situation:  "Cindy, I was thinking about a client who had a condition similar to yours and I was able to help her with this product because of the underwriting.  I really think I can help you and save you some money as well, and would be happy to meet with you again to discuss your needs or answer any questions."

And there you have it- you have gotten your client's attention by reminding them of the benefits you have to offer them and communicating to them that you care.  Give these methods a try and see if it works better than just "checking in".