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Stop Procrastinating! Let Us Help You Be "Ready to Sell" for AEP

Here is our checklist to be "Ready to Sell":

⇒ AHIP. Take your AHIP through us and through a Carrier,  you end up making around $100!

⇒ CERTIFY. Get certified with at least 10 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Carriers.

⇒ ADVERTISE. Use our lead program and set up seminars (we can do this just give us dates).

⇒ SCHEDULE. Organize your existing and potential clients and preschedule appointments.

⇒ LEARN. Look into webinars and research all you can about what you are selling.

There is only 4 weeks until AEP. There is still time!

We have agents on stand by now to help you any way possible!


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