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Step Up Your Game- 4 Tips to Winning Your Sales

footballAgents often communicate they feel overwhelmed by trying to build their client list and improve their sales- and many of those agents also recall a sport they loved at one point in their life.

Growing your business shares many of the same challenges as a competitive sport: intimidation, skill level, perseverance, and the threat of letting down your team. But in sports, when the stadium lights turn on and you run on to the field- its simply time to give it all you've got.

“I can afford to take risks in a game, but not in reality” or “My family depends on me, I can't gamble my income” are some things that may immediately come to mind, but what about the risk you are already taking by not aggressively trying to grow? Sometimes playing it safe can significantly reduce or halt your progress.

You are the quarterback of your business with each play's responsibility in your hands- and you first must ask, “Do I want to make passes for a decent win-loss record, or do I want to play in the Super Bowl?” Consider applying the following tips to land your sales in the end zone.

1. Keep your eye on the field and look for opportunities- Just like the quarterback is looking for the right pass, stay alert and look for new shifts in the industry, available products, and training opportunities. Seeing the right play at the right time can change your game in an instant!

2. Play on your strengths- Everyone has areas of their sales pitch that have room for improvement, but everyone also has areas where they shine. Emphasize where you feel the most comfortable and get the best responses. Believe in your capabilities and be confident- then watch the difference it will make in how your clients relate to you and how you play the game.

3. Drop back and launch it into the endzone- Once you have identified your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats power forward to your goal! Contract with that company, make that call, and request that call to action from your clients. Your pass might be intercepted or incomplete- but no touchdown has ever been made from not even throwing the ball.

4. Pay attention to the scoreboard- Numbers don't lie, and keeping track of both what worked successfully and what did not will help you refine your approach to your business and to your clients. Once you get your formula to success just right, you are Super Bowl bound!

Not every pass will result in a touchdown, but each one can help you form a better strategy. Some will be incomplete, intercepted, and you will even get sacked- but there will be yardage gains, touchdowns, and big game wins too.

Victory in business, life, and in sports is a byproduct of focus, hard work, and dedication. Keep your eyes on the prize and who knows… you may even get a “Hail Mary”.