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Set Goals to Achieve Your Best AEP Year yet!

The best way to be most successful this AEP, is to set some goals. This time of the year can get stressful due to the time crunch but taking some time before hand, to set some goals can really help you stay focused. We want to help you any way possible, so below is a list of possible goals you could set for yourself.

  1. Complete AHIP by September 15, 2018

  2. Complete carrier Certifications

  3. Set Seminar dates and let EIS help you stay compliant

  4. Set up personal website through EIS by October 1, 2018

  5. Follow 10 leads a week (set a specific but realistic to you number)

  6. Make 7 sales a week (set a specific but realistic to you number)

  7. Make a schedule that shows what you should accomplish each day

  8. Check and record your progress weekly

  9. Determine a reward for yourself if goal is met

  10. Share your goals with people who can help you be accountable

Get ready for this to be your best AEP! Let Eldercare help you reach your goals and experience the "Eldercare Difference"!  Once you set your goals, type them up, print them and put them somewhere you will see everyday. Remember a goal without a plan is just a WISH!

Remember Eldercare Insurance Services will:

  • Reimburse your AHIP if you are licensed through them to at least two MAPs and/or PDPs.

  • Fill out and submit paperwork to carriers for seminars

  • Provide a free personal website with a free quote engine for potential clients