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Plans N and G Enrollment Expected to Rise as 2020 Nears

Plan F has dominatathroughnthumbed the medicare supplement market for years, but with the upcoming changes scheduled to take place in 2020 eliminating first-dollar coverage, plan popularity is changing.  The NAIC recently established the Senior Issues Task Force, a Medigap Subgroup, to begin the planning process of implementing the new law.

Plan N only accounted for just under 7% of medicare supplement sales in 2014, but was responsible for 32% of annual enrollment growth according to AHIP's Medigap Market Report.  Plan G sales are also expected to see an increase in the coming few years.  Both plans offer similar coverage without the first-dollar coverage; Plan G covers Part B excess charges while Plan N does not.  Plan N will pay 100% of Part B coinsurance except for the $20 copay at some doctor's office visits and $50 emergency room visit copays that do not lead to inpatient admission.

Either way, be prepared as 2020 draws closer to know & explain the details about these plans as they may be the new favorite medicare supplement products.