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Medicare Supplement Market Poised for Significant Growth


Eldercare Insurance Services has been a leader in the Medicare Supplement market for over 35 years and will continue to be for many more years. For those of us who are already in this industry, this is great news; For those who are not already in this market, proof is in the numbers, and we would like to invite you to join in on our success. 


 Medicare supplement insurance continues to be a popular product choice for individuals that want additional financial protection from the copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles that are present within original Medicare. With the Medicare eligible population experiencing significant growth year-over-year, the demand for Medicare supplement insurance will remain high.

Telos Actuarial reported in its 12th Annual Market Projection that the number of Medicare beneficiaries is expected to grow by more than 13 million lives over the next ten years.

This influx of new Medicare beneficiaries is anticipated to result in the growth of individuals with Medicare supplement insurance.  Using values in line with historical market penetration rates, it is projected that the Medicare supplement market will add nearly 4 million lives and over $18.3 billion of earned premium within the next 10 years.

With this level of projected growth, the Medicare Supplement market will continue to offer robust opportunities for carriers, reinsurers, distributors, and third-party administrators.

Whether you are considering entering the Medicare supplement market for the first time or have been in it for decades, their Medicare Supplement Market Opportunity Report has something for everyone.

It provides a big picture view of the market showing main competitors, key states, regulatory information, and more.

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With the New Year approaching fast, now is the time to make sure you have accounted for the potential business with this expected growth in the Medicare Supplement market. 

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