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Is Your Client Worn Out? Know When to Walk Away

It's been proven that those with a higher level of emotional intelligence do better in sales.  So what does that mean?exhaustedthumb  It means that when you are able to pick up on cues- both verbal and nonverbal-indicating how your client feels and respond appropriately, your likelihood of making a sale increases.

Walking away from a potential sale sounds completely backwards to most of us- but if your client is sending you signals they are just plain worn out, you might have better luck closing the deal by tabling it for the day and coming back tomorrow.

Here are some signs your client might need to reschedule:

  1. Indecisiveness
  2. Rushing through your meeting
  3. Repeating themselves or asking the same questions
  4. Not retaining information
  5. Seems alarmed about prices

If your client is truly exhausted, looking at them and expressing with concern "You seem a little tired or under stress today, why don't you take the rest of the afternoon to rest and I'll call you tomorrow" may be exactly what they need- and will build an immense amount of trust.