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How to Handle Skeptical Prospects

Everyone has clients that automatically see you as only being a capable of a adversarial relationship.

Have you ever called a client and they greeted you with, "What are you trying to sell me this time?" Anything that looks or sounds like a transaction gets, "So what is this going to cost me?"

Have you felt like its an uphill battle despite your genuine intentions to help?

What now?

  1. Play the multiple channel card.
    The only time they hear from is when you call. You have many more communication channels available to you. Besides the traditional ways you've got e-mail, text, electronic newsletter, online seminars, live seminars and let's not forget face to face meetings.
  2. Initiate non-sales communication. All the ways you communicate should not only be insurance related, you might try lifestyle articles too.
  3. Send educational material. Even if you sell only life insurance and annuities, you may find that the typical client has homeowners insurance. What if they need to make a claim? Send material on topics they will likely print, save and act on.

By increasing the number of communication channels and the content, you've changed the communication landscape. Even if you don't have prompted calls or they never attend a seminar/event, it gives you both something to talk about the next time you make a phone call.