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Stop Selling and Start Helping - 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sales

Stop selling? Isn't that my job? Sounds counter-intuitive, but the answer is yes and no. We all want to increase our personal bottom line, but focusing on that alone can result in a shot in the foot.

Every prospective client is looking for one thing- HELP. They may be looking for Medicare Supplements, Advantage, or Part D plans because they have just retired; or they may have been receiving Medicare but have discovered their coverage just won't cut it. Maybe they have realized the importance of purchasing a Health, Life, or Long Term Care policy to reduce medical expenses for themselves and their families in the future. Your clients financial resources will also range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Whatever the circumstance, your goal is to provide the best products you can offer to their unique situations.

How do I sell without really trying? Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Open your mind AND your earsChances are you have never met your prospective client before their first appointment. Since all clients needs and financial capabilities are different, you first must LISTEN to what they are communicating to you. Assuming you already know their story could make for a product mismatch and a disgruntled customer.
  2. Convey empathy. Nothing can build a bond between you and your client better than if they feel you genuinely UNDERSTAND their position. If you can show your client that you care, they are more likely to trust your judgment about the products you present to them.
  3. Match products for them, not for you. Even if the policy that best suits your customer's needs is the lowest commission for you, SELL IT ANYWAY. The relationship you build with each client based on honesty will ultimately provide you with firm foundations that will build with returning sales and word of mouth.

Authenticity is one of the most valued qualities in not only the insurance industry, but in all aspects of life. Nothing communicates this trait to your clients better than listening, caring, and placing their insurance needs above what's in it for you.

Apply these 3 simple tips and watch your customers- and your sales- soar to new heights!