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Get No Cost T-65 Leads


The T65 Locator makes it easy to find local prospects. It's quick to use, and pulling up locations on the map is a breeze. The best part? It's free for agents who do business with Eldercare. While this is an Integrity exclusive tool, Eldercare is the creator and manager of the platform.

Here's what you need to know about the T65 Locator, including how to use it for insurance lead generation, why it's better than paid lists, and what to do with the T65 information once you have it.

Read the guide below for more information.


T65 Locator vs. Paid Lists

The T65 Locator rivals T65 lists you can purchase from lead vendors in a couple of ways.

Free Tool

The first is obvious: it's free! Paid lists can cost hundreds of dollars, but as long as you do business with us, you have free access to the T65 Locator.

Not Just Zip Codes

The other big benefit of the T65 Locator is you can get T65 information based on any location.

Typically, lead vendor lists are based on a county or zip code. With the T65 Locator, you can get names for any area you want – not just a zip code.

Visualize Prospect Locations

If you do door-to-door sales for Final Expense, you can better plan your route, but even if you're just a visual person, having the map view is helpful.

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How to Utilize the T65 Information

The T65 Locator provides you with the name, address, and birthday of individuals getting ready to turn 65 in your desired area. Once you have the information, the question is: how do I best use it?

Personalized mailings

This is an excellent tool for postcards or mailers with a personal touch.

Rather than sending out a generic mass mailing, you can get more granular with a name or even some helpful information about enrollment periods based on that person's birthday.

Carrier postcards

Since you already know the location of your prospect, you have an idea of what carriers and plans are the most competitive in that area.

Many carriers have pre-created marketing materials, and since you can't do outbound sales calls for Medicare Advantage, mailers are typically your best foot in the door. The T65 Locator makes that marketing plan easy!

Expand your footprint

If you've been wanting to branch out into new counties or even new states, the T65 Locator could be the perfect tool.

You can search any state to find marketing opportunities. It opens up an opportunity to get into virtual sales in locations you wouldn't have previously had access to.

Accessing the T65 Locator

The T65 Locator is free for any agent who does business with us (Eldercare).


How to Use the T65 Locator

You can use the T65 Locator tool on any device, including a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Once you're registered and logged in to the T65 Locator tool, you'll click on the T65 Locator banner.

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Then, the T65 Locator map will appear. You'll need to grant location access in order for the tool to work, so click "Allow."

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Then, the T65 Locator map will appear, and you can start looking at your potential Medicare prospects.

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The map will automatically show T65 data based on your current location, but you can easily change that location by dragging and dropping the blue pin.

Setting T65 Map Preferences

You can change some settings to adjust the results on your T65 map if you like.

To do this, click on "Application Settings" on the T65 Locator homepage.

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Then, you'll see T65 Map Preferences, where you can adjust how many results appear, at what distance, and more. The default settings are 5 results maximum, showing individuals who are turning 65 in less than one month, as seen in this image:

Preferences 1

However, you can adjust those settings to show up to 25 results, and you can see individuals who are turning 65 in 12 or months or less.

You can also adjust the maximum distance, or you could simply drag and drop the blue location pin to see a new area on the map.

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After you change your preferences, be sure to scroll down and click the Save Changes button:


Now, instead of seeing 5 results, my new default T65 map shows 25 results, and I can see individuals who are turning 65 in the next 12 months.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 141333

Utilizing the Med Supp Quoting Tools

The T65 Locator is conveniently connected to CSG Actuarial quoting tools, allowing you to get quick access to rates and underwriting guidelines.

You can adjust your rate quote preferences by going to "Application Settings."

There, you can change your default zip code for Med Supp rates, whether you want to apply household discounts to the rates, and more. Be sure to save your changes!

Screenshot 2024-01-25 141501

Whenever you see a prospect's card, you can click on "more rates" to see all of the available Med Supp options in that zip code.

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Now, you can view all Med Supp quotes and even access company information and underwriting guidelines.

Screenshot 2024-01-25 141647

Click on "Underwriting Guidelines" to get a quick synopsis of the health questions:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 141719

Agent FAQs

Q: How do I access the T65 Locator tool?

A: The T65 Locator tool is available to any agent that is contracted and does business with us (Eldercare). If that's you, simply fill out our eligibility form, and we'll email you access instructions.

Q: When I log in, I can only see T65 data around my current location. Can I see other locations or states?

A: Yes, you certainly can. The T65 Locator geolocation service uses your mobile device to try to determine your location. This location is used as the starting point for your T65 results. The blue marker can be moved for greater accuracy or to center on a completely different location.

Q: How is this tool figuring out my location?

A: A variety of methods are used to try to get the most accurate reading in a reasonable amount of time (usually 5 to 10 seconds). Depending on your device and its settings, your location can be determined through one or more of the following.

  • Your IP address. (Approx. 30-mile accuracy.)
  • Cell towers (Approx. 2-mile accuracy.)
  • Triangulation of multiple cell towers. (Approx. 500-yard accuracy)
  • Surrounding WiFi Networks (Approx. 50 yards accuracy)
  • Connected WiFi Networks (Approx. 20 yards accuracy)
  • Device's GPS (Approx. 3 yards accuracy)

Q: I'm having map problems. How do I fix it?

A: Most map problems can be fixed by touching the arrow icon in the upper right or by refreshing the page by pulling down from the top. 

Q: I came across an individual and their address was wrong. What gives?

A: The T65 data is imported into the T65 Locator every 12 months, so if an individual has moved or passed away in that 12-month period, their information could be incorrect. Keep in mind that with all T65 data sources, a small percentage of the data is bound to be imperfect due to moving, dying, or simply filling out incorrect information.


Prospecting can be a challenge, but the T65 Locator makes it that much easier by arming you with quick T65 data in your area.

When you work with us, you don't need to buy T65 lists anymore! Plus, you get access to MedicareCENTER, free marketing customization, our quoting tools, and so much more.