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Fine-Tune These 5 Emotions to Boost Your Sales

Emotions- the mere word can get some of us cringing, but the reality is that sales is a very emotional business, and if you want to be truly good at it, honing these 5 emotions is a must.emoticons

  1. Self-awareness.  First, you must be able to assess your own emotions so you can identify the areas you can improve upon.  It's important to be able to be honest about what emotional characteristics you have that can help- and hurt- your sales.
  2. Ability to problem solve.  As an insurance agent, you are a problem solver.  Your client's problem is they need insurance coverage, and it's your job to solve this by providing them with what they need.  In order to effectively problem solve, you must listen to the client, understand their specific needs, and evaluate your portfolio for the product(s) that will best fit their situation.
  3. Empathy.  While listening to your client's needs, it's important to be able to understand their emotions and concerns about their situation.  Accepting their feelings and identifying that you understand them builds trust within the relationship with your client.
  4. Staying optimistic.  Many times your clients will have health issues and touchy subjects they will need to address with you as you're assessing their needs.  It can be easy for them to feel anxiety, sadness, or embarrassment when discussing these things, so it's important for you to remain optimistic and remind them that you are there to help them work around some of these inconvenient parts of life.
  5. Be assertive.  Being passive with your clients will never give them- or you- the maximum benefit.  Being aggressive can flat out turn them off and ruin your chance at a sale.  Being assertive is the sweet spot right in the middle you must learn to master.  The goal with assertiveness is to move the client towards the proper product(s) in a gentle yet timely manner.  Don't be afraid to guide your clients in a direction they may not have expected, but be sure to construct your words and demeanor in a solid and supported suggestion rather than an order.