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Eldercare Endurance Training Recap

2022 Eldercare Endurance Training was January 24th-27th!

This year's Eldercare Annual Endurance Training went great!

Our goal is to make sure EVERY agent is confident in Eldercare, Products, Education, Marketing and Sales. While learning proven successful tips agents also got the opportunity to win prizes!

Thank you all so much for attending!

If you weren't able to attend, it's okay! We recorded it for you! You can view each day's recording below:

Day 1 - Your Personal Trainer

Day 2 - Going The Extra Mile

Day 3 - Necessary Equipment

Day 4 - Overcoming Obstacles

See Endurance Training Agenda Below:

Day 1 (Jan 24)
Your Personal Trainer
Learn why agents choose Eldercare and meet the people who will support you most. We will also dive into all the products and carriers that you need in your briefcase.
Day 2 (Jan 25)
Going the Extra Mile
Learn the importance of client retention and beneficial tips you can apply to help. We will also teach you how to cross-sell successfully.
Day 3 (Jan 26)
Necessary Equipment
Learn about all of the resources available to you through Eldercare. We'll talk about Branding, Technology, the Medicare Center, and More!
Day 4 (Jan 27)
Overcoming Obstacles
Learn all about generating leads and how to make the most of your leads. In closing, we'll be going over agents' goals and how they achieve them.