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An Agents Guide to OEP in 2023

Download OEP Guide & FAQ Here

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Eldercare Insurance Services is here to help guide you through the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP).  The Open Enrollment Period is great time for agents and brokers to provide excellent customer service to their existing clients.

Before finalizing your marketing for the first quarter, make sure you understand the marketing rules during the Medicare OEP. During this time (Jan 1- Mar 31), there are restrictions on what kinds of marketing activities you can compliantly use for marketing to clients or prospects.

During OEP, Agents Cannot:

  • Host marketing activities that use OEP to gain additional sales
  • Encourage beneficiaries to change their enrollment by using OEP in any unsolicited marketing such as email, print, social media, etc.
  • Solicit beneficiaries who enrolled in a plan in the most recent AEP
  • Target beneficiaries who enrolled in the most recent AEP through purchased mailing lists or personal information

During OEP, Agents Can:

  • Distribute marketing materials to clients who request information
  • Meet with clients who have requested a meeting to evaluate their
    options during the OEP
  • Promote 5-star plans with continuous enrollment SEP
  • Market to the T-65 crowd who have not yet enrolled in Medicare

In addition to the Marketing Can and Cannots we have created a table for you to easily reference what all plan changes can be made during OEP. Be sure to download the Guide and FAQ Below.

We are happy to help and assist you any way we can. If you are needing marketing materials, help organizing your clients or further questions about OEP, please don't hesitate to call the amazing team at Eldercare Insurance Services, 800-777-9322.

Download OEP Guide & FAQ Here