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Don't Wade in the Shallow- Take the Sales Plunge

It's that feeling you get when you stand at the edge of the diving board for the first time- toes touching the end, looking into the depth of the water.  A rush of excitement  and a little anxiety goes through your body as you contemplate the jump; you could end up doing a total belly buster or pull off a smooth dive into the deep.  So what's it going to be?  Taking theplungethumb plunge is the only way to find out.

Sales can have the same effect- in listening to clients concerns and situations, you may be put in a position to bring up some challenging questions or suggest products that are different from what they expect.  In moments like this you ask yourself, "What if they don't like what I suggest?  What if I blow it?"  Fight or flight kicks in, and you have to make the decision if you're going to go for it or walk away.

If you ever want to be truly successful in sales, you've got to take the plunge.  You must find the confidence to push through that uncomfortable moment and go for what you believe is best for your client.  Diving is just like anything else; practice makes perfect.  You may belly flop a few times before you start diving with ease, and that's okay- getting the courage to jump is half the battle.  Just ask yourself; do you want to wade in the shallow with your floaties on?  Or do you want to feel the rush of the plunge?