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Do You Have a Top-Performing Personality?


Personalities are unique to each given individual; some characteristics come more naturally while others may require some development. Studies have shown that top-performing sales representatives share some of the same characteristics that contribute to their success. Check out the qualities below- do you have a top-performing personality?

  1. Language Skills. The ability to communicate with others is essential in dealing with clients, whether you’re discussing health issues or explaining policy options. Top-performers use higher-level language skills than lower performers. Underperformers communicate, on average, around the 8th or 9th grade level where high-performers scored between the 11th and 13th. Good communication skills establish trust and credibility with your clients.
  2. Commitment to Achievement. High-performing sales representatives show dedication and commitment to achieving their sales goals. They see meeting their quota as a non-negotiable and go to great lengths to meet and exceed them every time. Top salespeople utilize all resources made available to them from their company and their managers to help them achieve their goals.
  3. Internal Skepticism. Most high-performers consider themselves optimists- but high performers retain a level of internal skepticism. This quality keeps them always feeling like there is room for improvement and working towards greater goals. It’s important to feel satisfied in your capabilities, but never so satisfied you feel there is no more room for growth.
  4. Strong Management Relationships. Top-performers value their relationships with their managers; they are sure to communicate with them daily and value their input. Some of the most important skills managers contribute to high performers are leadership, practical experience, communication, and sales intuition. Top-performing sales reps take the opportunity to use their manager’s experiences to direct them in the right path.
  5. High Company Morale. High-performing sales reps tend to show a greater sense of pride in their company than low-performers. They also show high regard for their sales teams if they are a part of one. Keeping a positive spirit about where you work and who you work with lifts your attitude and confidence while poising you for success.

You may feel you possess each quality, or you may feel like you just have one or two- and that’s okay. As long as you recognize the qualities necessary, get the proper training, and commit to success you can join the top-performing ranks! Sign up for a speech class, start using the tools your organization provides you, or have more conversations with your sales manager. Self-improvement is first a decision- then an action. Every scale to the top begins with one step- so get moving and start your journey to the summit of high-performing sales!