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CMS Releases Final 2015 Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D (PDP) Broker Commissions

Looks like the initial commission rates for Medicare advantage are reducing across all states. The Prescription drug commissions (PDP) are holding steady for another year. Here is a summary of the commissions by state which are the MAXIMUM CMS will allow insurance companies to pay agents and brokers in 2015:

California and New Jersey: $510 Initial Medicare Advantage commissions

Pennsylvania, Connecticut and District of Columbia: $461 Initial Medicare Advantage (MA) Commissions

All other States: $408 Initial Medicare Advantage (MA) Commissions

Renewal for ALL years are UP TO 50% of the initial commissions. Interpreting the guidance to mean that ALL MA renewals (regardless of year of entry) will be paid at UP TO 50% of the 2015 initial rate.

For Medicare Prescription Drug (PDP) commission are $56 Initial commissions and renewals are $28 for all years in 2015.

Here is a link to the CMS document: CMS CY2015 Agent-Broker Compensation 5 27 14 (2)