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Certification Check- Prominence and Gateway Now Open!

QualChoicertcheckthumbce, ClearRiver Health, StableView Health, and Heartland Plains Health Certification Program Now Available!

The program includes:

  • Attestation Page
  • Licensure Check
  • Background Check (FACIS Level 1)
  • E&O Upload
  • Assignment of Commissions
  • Agent Contract
  • AHIP (Core equivalency) Upload or Gorman Core Training
  • Prominence Product Specific Training (available for one up to all markets)
  • Appointment Submission

Click Here for Instructions      Click Here to Certify

Gateway Certifications Now Open!

Gateway Health looks forward to working with you for the 2016 selling year! Below is the link to Gateway Health’s agent certification site, your agency’s unique captive and non-captive codes.

Please contact Gateway Health Agent Support with any questions. Call us at 1-888-871-0417 or email

CLICK HERE for Instructions

CLICK HERE to Certify 

Contact Eldercare Insurance Services, Inc.  for AEP Kickoff Dates!



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