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Boost Your Motivation with These 6 Tips

Motivation is a huge part of success in sales, but keeping it at a high level can be more challenging than it seems.  Not every appointment or call goes well or as planned and it's easy to get discouraged or stressed out... and some days pack an extra punch of negative that can lead to weeks.  boostmotivationthumb

Here are 6 tips to help get your mind poised for a motivational blast-off when things may not be going as well as you wish:

  1. Remember What You Love About Selling Insurance

    Motivation can come from external sources like money and position, but the most valuable type comes from within.  What about selling insurance makes you feel gratified?  Is it helping people?  Do you love the schedule flexibility it provides for you or your family?  Remember the positives of why you do what you do to refresh your motivation.

  2. Remember Why You Sell Insurance

    There is a reason you began selling insurance- so what was it?  There is also a reason you are continuing to sell.  Do you have an achievement or goal you are working towards?  Think about why you are doing what you're doing to put your thinking back on the right path.

  3. Know There Will Be Rejection

    Don't beat yourself up every time you hear a "no" or "not today".  You will face a certain amount of rejection and it's not always directly related to you.  There are multitudes of reasons your client isn't interested in purchasing a policy today.   Don't let the "not todays" make you feel like "nevers".

  4. See Your Setbacks as Setups

    Understand that there are potential setbacks- but don't let that stop you from making the leap.  Training yourself to see the chance for gain greater than the fear of failure will change your mentality and most likely have a direct effect on your performance.  People who remain driven and focused on opportunity rather than fear usually yield better results.

  5. Set Goals, Both Short and Long-Term

    Think about where you want to be in 5 and 10 years, and then think about what steps you could take to get there.  Write it all down and set some goals to work towards to rejuvenate your drive.

  6. Take a Break

    If you've been racking your brain for answers and stressing yourself out, you may just need a break.  Sometimes stepping away and giving yourself a chance to clear your mind can reset you and get you ready to go.  Don't allow yourself to become too overwhelmed- know when to take a breather.