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Beat the Summer Sales Heat- 9 Tips to Keep Your Sales Cool

summersalesthumbSummertime is hot... Summertime sales?  Not so much.  Selling in the summer can be challenging- everyone from clients to colleagues is vacationing and taking it just a little easier than usual.  There are more unreturned emails, calls, and social media requests.  So what can you do to cool the heat of summertime sales stress?  Here are a few tips to keep your sales cool as a cucumber all summer long.

  1. Don't Lose Steam on Your Prospecting

    Keep your prospects flowing on both ends.  Not only should you keep working your T-65 lists and other prospecting resources for new clients, but touch bases with some of your old prospects that said "not right now".  The perfect time could be today!

  2. Ask for Referrals

    As you move through your prospects old and new, ask for referrals.  Be bold enough to simply ask the question "Do you know of anyone that I could help with their insurance needs?"  Referrals are some of the most solid prospects available.  All you have to do is ask- the worst they can say is "no".

  3. Farm Your Clients

    Perhaps your client's needs have changed and they could benefit from a different policy with better benefits... or maybe they could use an ancillary product.  Maximize your opportunities with the business you already have by offering  a diverse set of options and exercising your portfolio.

  4. Use Deadlines to Your Advantage

    Deadlines aren't really that fun, but they do constitute a call to action.  Remind your clients that enrolling into Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage products is time sensitive for GI, ADP, OEP, AEP, and SEP situations.  Encourage them to take action as early as possible so they are covered appropriately while locking yourself into the sale.

  5. Set Goals

    Seems simple enough, right?  Setting goals works if you commit yourself to achieving them.  Set a quota and focus on hitting that number.  As you achieve success, raise it a little weekly or monthly, and watch how quickly you reach your potential.

  6. Stay in the Loop

    Are you subscribed to your broker's social media outlets, newsletters, and blogs?  Stay informed about what's going on in your industry.  You don't want to miss out on important news, products, sales tools, and time-sensitive requirements and events.  Staying ahead of the game will help you provide upper-level customer service.

  7. Change Up Your Message

    This is a great time to play with your pitch and other marketing materials.  Try some new approaches and take inventory of what seems to work best for you and what doesn't.  You don't want to sound like everyone else- see if you can bring something fresh to your clients.

  8. Be Accessible

    Understanding the variability of your client's schedule in the summer is crucial to making more sales.  Open yourself up to meeting earlier, later, and even on days you typically wouldn't.  Chances are other agents aren't willing to make this sacrifice; making yourself accessible will immediately put you a step ahead of everyone else.

  9. Network on Your Own Vacation

    I know, I know.  "That's MY time!" you say.  Yes, it is your time- but if you happen to stumble into conversation with some fellow vacationers, strike while the iron is hot!  You are already in a no-obligation environment.  If you approach a prospect, take an easy-going, friendly, and "Hey, maybe I can help you out" approach.  You may get a call back when you make it home.