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Integrity Transforms the Agent & Client Experience with One of a Kind, AI powered “Ask Integrity”

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Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), a leading distributor of life and health insurance, and provider of wealth management and retirement planning solutions, today announced Ask IntegrityTM — the one-of-a-kind, revolutionary, AI-powered and voice-activated technology that leverages in-the-moment data analysis and intelligence to streamline processes and empower agents to build stronger client relationships. The leading and most robust solution of its kind in the insurance industry, Ask Integrity is available to Integrity partners and their agents through Integrity’s transformative, end-to-end insurtech platform.

“At Integrity, we’ve seen firsthand the tremendous impact cutting-edge technology can have on agent and client successes. This historic announcement of Ask Integrity will allow us to further support the type of client relationships every agent wants — and drive better healthcare experiences for all,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. “Ask Integrity is an AI-powered, first-in-the-industry technology that truly revolutionizes the way agents serve their clients. It provides in-the-moment prompts that make it easier for agents to deliver coverage and plans that best fit each client’s unique needs.”

“By leveraging Ask Integrity’s intuitive, data-driven features and functions, agents can even quicker and more compliantly reference relevant details and context to bring the right solutions to the individuals and families they serve,” Bryan W. Adams continued. “Every client encounter becomes more cohesive, expansive and supportive when vital, up-to-date information is just a voice prompt away. Integrity is committed to creating transformational solutions like Ask Integrity to offer exclusive solutioning to agents in the industry. We’re truly just scratching the surface of how this groundbreaking technological advancement will enhance how agents and advisors help clients plan for the good days ahead!”

Integrity’s investment in this revolutionary, AI-powered solution further underscores its deep commitment to ongoing development and innovation within its full stack insurtech platform. Ask Integrity provides a more personalized and extensive client experience by focusing on engagement and data-driven insights. Ask Integrity provides instant, voice-activated access to details about each client’s healthcare and drug coverage, and medications, as well as preferences and perspectives. The Ask Integrity platform also includes a proprietary analytics model that can help agents know which clients might be most interested in switching coverage.

“Integrity is deeply invested in developing the power of AI, combined with our meaningful data, to improve the agent and client experience,” said Harsh Singla, CTO of Integrity. “As the first AI-powered solution of its kind in the industry, Ask Integrity is designed to enhance every interaction an agent has with their clients — all with the goal of helping agents serve even more Americans. Ask Integrity streamlines administrative tasks and promotes deeper and more meaningful client connections across every touchpoint of the consumer’s healthcare journey. Ultimately, this one-of-a kind, AI-powered system will help agents more consistently recommend and deliver better coverage solutions that fit each individual client’s unique healthcare needs. The result is a vastly improved experience overall for agents, clients and carrier partners alike.”

Ask Integrity also leverages Integrity’s proprietary Call Recording technology to seamlessly generate automated Call Summaries. This highly useful and convenient feature empowers agents to instantly review previous meetings, prepare for new client interactions and track action items, while helping to ensure commitments are honored compliantly. Ask Integrity’s AI-powered technology delivers in-the-moment AI prompts and recommendations. For example, it can automatically analyze client data to correlate the use of certain medications with the potential need for access to specific specialists. The agent is then prompted to probe deeper into each client’s situation and recommend coverage that fits the client’s unique needs. This helps ensure clients are matched with providers and plans that best support their specific coverage needs, dramatically increasing the likelihood of plan satisfaction and retention.

“Integrity has always been driven to help American families protect what matters most — and we’re consistently demonstrating our commitment through significant investments in technology that improves outcomes for our stakeholders,” shared Steve Young, Integrity’s Chairman of the Board. “As a remarkably innovative platform, Ask Integrity utilizes our proprietary data and analytics to assist agents in fulfilling their mission more effectively and in-depth than ever before. This historic announcement sets a new standard for the impact technology can have on supporting meaningful relationships between agents and their clients. Ask Integrity is just the beginning of how Integrity is building AI solutioning to help enrich the lives of the people we serve.”

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