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Agency growth in 3 easy steps

businessgrowthdollarsThe great thing about the insurance industry is that it is ever changing and there is always room for intentional growth. Below are three easy ways to grow, no matter where you are in your season of selling.

  1. Product review. Have you been writing the same product long enough that you have kept your blinders on to all new products that have hit the market? Most new products are released to target a certain population or there may be a particular niche that you are unaware of. It is wise to do, at the very least, a semi-annual product review of your market.
  2. Marketing strategy. Doing the same thing you did 10 years ago is probably not going to work as great today. Having a marketing plan with the analytics of the 'return rate' is essential. You want to be able to track the dollars spent (we have a great spreadsheet we will be happy to share). Online marketing has become more and more popular, while certain companies focus directly on helping you target a specific population. Eldercare can recommend several different companies who focus on marketing and will give you the most bang for your buck.
  3. Have a successor in place. The end result of growth is ultimately so you can slow down, right? Most agency owners would like their business to remain with someone they know and trust...and preferably who they have trained SO they know and trust it is well taken care of. Start looking for newer agents you can hire in and help train in the industry. An added an agency, typically, there is commission to be made off of downline agents.

Let Eldercare and a market analysis get you started to your growth today!

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