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AEP Walmart Retail Program

We want to congratulate one of our new agents, Marla Coplin, for getting the "Service Spotlight" in her local newspaper!

The picture above is Marla at her booth at her local Walmart. Read the full article .

This is Marla’s first AEP with us and we are so proud to see her taking advantage of the Walmart Retail Program we offer.

The booth creates great business exposure and is a convenient opportunity for seniors to get more information on all their Medicare options!

Did you know that the Walmart Retail Program for AEP are in high demand? They are on a first come first serve basis! Agents began requesting stores as early as May this year for 2019 AEP.

Start thinking of your Walmart store today.  Don’t Miss out on getting the Walmart of your choice for next years AEP

To learn more about getting a booth at your local Walmart contact us today!

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