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6 Ways to Get Your Clients to Like You

You may have all the products in the world to choose from at all of the lowest prices, but if your clients don't really like you...  well, you may just be out the sale.  You are much more likely to sell- and resell- when your clients find you likableagentlikethumb.  Here are some small things you can do to make a big difference in how your clients feel about you:

  1. Remember Their Names

    Remembering names can be difficult for some of us, but it is a huge point score with your clients.  Not remembering your client's names can make it seem like they aren't important to you.  When you meet them, repeat their name and make an association to something or someone in your mind to help it stick.

  2. Put Your Phone Down

    One sure way to damper your likability is paying more attention to your phone than your client.  Your clients will base their opinion of you on your interactions, and if you're interacting with your phone more than you are with them they probably won't be your biggest fans.

  3. Exercise Consistency

    People like to know what to expect when they are dealing with someone, and people will frequent places and people that they like.  They base that off of what they receive from the person or place.  Be that person that consistently has the answers and the service they desire.

  4. Smile

    A simple smile can do a lot for someone.  It can take the edge off a situation and spread a little cheer.  Build your clients up with a smile, let them know you are happy to take care of their insurance needs.

  5. Ask Them Questions; Then Listen

    Nobody wants to just sit and listen to someone rattle on and on.  You can gain the likability and trust of your clients by engaging them in conversation with questions and showing genuine interest in their answers.  Don't dominate the floor- give them the opportunity to share things about themselves to build rapport.

  6. Be Empathetic

    Listening, understanding, and showing compassion for other people's feelings is a tremendous factor in building relationships with others.  Empathy helps promote understanding and relating with one another.