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4 Ways to Build Your Mental Muscle

Just like a bodybuilder didn't decide to wake up one day with six-pack abs and guns of steel, you can't snap your fingers and be a smarter pementalmusclethumbrson.  Are some more genetically predispositioned for both?  Sure.  Is it possible for someone who is frail or overweight to become lean and toned?  Or someone who hasn't made the best decisions revamp their approach and turn things around?  Absolutely.  All it takes is a little effort and hard work.

Your brain can be trained just like a muscle- it's a scientific fact!  Your brain engages in a process called "neuroplasticity" when learning something new- it creates new neurons and pathways within your brain which causes it to grow.  You can literally train your brain! It's exciting to know this can happen at any age- and building mental muscle helps you develop new habits, break old ones, and give you the tools and confidence to pursue your dreams.  Check out these four ways to get your brain ready for the competition!

  1. Keep an open mind.  Challenge yourself to refrain from  doing what you've always done.  Ask yourself "Why have I been doing it this way?  Is there a better possible alternative?" Is there something new I could learn from this?"
  2. Clearly define your objective.  Make sure you understand exactly what you are wanting to achieve- are you solving a problem or trying to reach a goal?  Write down the main issue, but also be sure to address and solve others as they come along through the process.
  3.  Gather information.  Before making decisions, gather information.  Analyze the different possibilities, outcomes, and find some data to back your theories up.  This will help you choose the best solution to your problem or the best route to take when executing an idea.
  4. Develop a checklist.  Write down all of the criteria for your project or decision outcome.  When assessing your choices, be sure you are able to cover all of the necessities so you don't leave anything out.

We live in a dynamic world, and the insurance industry is constantly changing.  The ability to adapt and not fear exploring new ground along the way is imperative to your success!  Pumping up your brain is the best way to face new territories in business and in life- make the commitment to boost up those brain cells today!