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2018 Humana Initial Certifications are OPEN and UPDATES for all!



This is a reminder that the Agent Initial MAPD Certification course for plan year 2018 will be available for Agents beginning at 12PM (EST) on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Re-certifications open on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

This is to also provide details of the certifications offered, training improvements, AHIP guidance, and job aids on how to access and complete the certification courses.

The following certifications will be available:

MAPD External Field Agent Certification (both online and face-to-face options)

PDP External Field Agent Certification

HMO External Field Agent Certification (both online and face-to-face options only for agents who lack the HMO cert)

PPO External Field Agent Certification (only for agents who lack the PPO cert)

Here’s how Humana is making it easier for Agents to complete certification training this year:

- External field agent certification has been reduced from 5 courses to 2

- External call center agent certification has been reduced from 5 courses to 1

- HMO online option will make it even easier for agents who need to add HMO product to their certifications

- Course reductions will simplify the process for the agents and decrease the time they need to spend navigating through our certification training

- Streamlined approaches on a variety of topics, including enrollment tools

Improved Market Content Delivery

Agents will now be able to review market content for any and all markets. This will be very helpful for agents who may sell across state borders or who may spend time selling in multiple states throughout the year.

AHIP Remains a Requirement for Certification and Recertification

2018 AHIP is required for both 2018 certification and recertification. Agents typically take their AHIP through Humana after they have logged into training from our Humana site. If an agent goes directly to AHIP they must have their AHIP results sent to Humana before they can continue completing their cert or recert.

IMPORTANT: We are not recommending or suggesting that agents should take AHIP as soon as it is available by going directly to the AHIP site. Agents going directly to AHIP will be shown the AHIP e-commerce site where they are required to pay AHIP for their AHIP training, and that rate will not be the Humana discounted rate. For agents who typically have the AHIP fee waived (career and certain non-career agents) they must go through the Humana site to have the AHIP fee covered upfront.

For those agents required to pay the AHIP registration fee, the 2018 charge is $125.00 if the training is accessed via the Humana MarketPoint University.

Click HERE for our AHIP Guide

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