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They have opened!! As recommended every year, please do your best to get this testing done as soon as possible so you don’t have to scramble and get it done during the AEP season.  Instructions are listed below.

As always, if you get stuck or have questions please call at 888-777-9322 or the Humana Agent Support Team at 800-309-3163 and we will help you get your recertification done as smoothly as possible.


  • 2018 MAPD Recertification Instructions:

  1. Log in to your Humana Vantage Portal via
  2. After logging in click on “MarketPoint University” located in the Education tile
  3. Find the box labeled “Courses Assigned To Me” and click on the Humana’s 2018 MAPD Recertification for External/DIA Field Agents (you may have to click on “View More Assigned Courses” at the bottom of the box if the 2018 Recertification is not listed within the box)
  4. Launch the course and follow the instructions as listed
  5. If you leave the Humana Vantage Portal simply come back to the MarketPoint University and pick up where you left off in the “Courses I Am Enrolled In” box

    • AHIP certification costs $125 if done through the Humana MarketPoint University
    • If you’ve already completed AHIP earlier just continue to follow the instructions of the coursework and you will be able to transfer your AHIP score to Humana Inc. (I’ve attached some more detailed instructions on this if needed.)