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10 Ways To Amp Up Your Productivity in 2016

Most of us spend quite a bit of time at work or working, but the time we invest does not always equal productivity.  Going into the new year, here are ten tips to get a little more out of your day and ampupthumbrock out 2016!

  1. Listen to music that motivates you

    Go ahead- turn the speakers up!  Whatever gets you movin' and shakin', put it on and get going.

  2. Take care of your top priorities in the morning

    Your brain is at it's peak performance in the morning.  Knock your top priorities out first thing.

  3. Allocate a block of time daily to prospect

    Set aside an hour a day to prospect- it will add up and you will see it pay off in the long run.

  4. Make sure you take a lunch

    Everyone needs that mental break midday.  Work a lunch hour into your day to reset and refresh your brain.

  5. Set up for your week Sunday

    Take a few minutes on Sunday to think about what you would like to accomplish for the work week so you are ready to go Monday morning.

  6. Put your phone away

    Put your phone out of reach so you aren't tempted to get distracted by texts, emails, or personal calls.

  7. Finish what you start

    Once you start a task, go ahead and finish it.  Multitasking can make you feel busy- but it's not truly that productive.  It's better to start and finish something so you can take it off your plate for the day.

  8. Set new goals for the short- and the long-term

    Each year it's important to set long-term goals, as well as short-term.  Get an idea of where you want to be by the end of the New Year and break it down into some smaller steps to get there.

  9. Get an early start

    Get up and get to the office a little earlier- and if you don't go to an office, simply get going ahead of time.  There is something to that old saying "the early bird gets the worm".

  10. Turn off any distractions

    Social media notifications can be very distracting- close out your Facebook or Twitter to stay focused.