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We offer customized lead programs, training from the best agents in the country, prospecting tools, contest incentives and much more. Our goal is not only to train you how to maximize your time doing what you do best, but also to build a relationship that last for many years to come. Our company is run by veteran agents that understand and respect what you need to be successful. You are not just a number to us! Call today and let us start working for you to ensure your continued success in the most booming industry in the country!

  • AEP Ends Today!

    Submit Applications direct to the Carrier!

    please do NOT send us the copies

    Also, Applications must be received by the carrier by December 7th at 11:59 p.m.  Received date is not reflected in the postmark but by the date the carrier has the application.  Applications postmarked on Dec. 7th but received after the 7th does not guarantee enrollment. 

     Regarding faxed applications, at times you may have a busy signal when faxing to the Medicare Enrollment line.  In an effort to minimize fax delays we ask you to take note of the following tips:

    • Avoid peak fax times (12p-7p) if possible; instead fax items before noon or later in the evening
    • Ensure auto redial is set up on your fax machines; most fax machines will auto redial a number up to 3 times if a busy signal is received
    • Read the fax confirmation page to determine if your fax was successful; only resend your fax if all auto dial attempts failed
    • Small faxes with less pages have a better chance for successful transmission; limit to one application per fax whenever feasible; anything over 100 pages exponentially increases transmission failure rates when   doing batches

    If after following the tips above you continue to receive a busy signal please attempt to refax at another time.  We recognize that a busy fax line can be frustrating and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we close out AEP.

    Our office will be open until 5:00 p.m. and the fax will be checked up until 11:30 p.m.

    The after hours number is 501-545-8407 if additional assistance is needed.

    Please, let us know how we can help grow your business in 2019.

    Your success is our success and we want you all to know that we value each and everyone of our agents as a partner.

    We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere THANKS. Eldercare has been experiencing another outstanding AEP thanks to all of you!

    Thank you,
    Your Eldercare Family

  • Important Medicare Guidelines for Holiday and Thank You Cards

    As the holiday season is upon us, there are important Medicare guidelines to follow as you are writing out those holiday and thank you cards.

    These guidelines apply to all Thank You, Holiday and Greeting Cards.

    Permitted Statements

    A simple one line greeting can be hand written in the card.  For example:

    *       Happy [Holiday, New Year, Hanukkah]

    *       Merry Christmas

    *       Hope to see you again soon

    *       It was great to see you

    *       Congratulations on the new baby

    Prohibited Statements

    Any greeting that would be considered marketing is not acceptable. For example, you should NOT write:

    *       See you at the next seminar

    *       Call if you have any insurance questions

    *       Call when you’re ready to buy a Medicare Advantage plan

    General Guidelines

    Greeting cards should be hand-written, as these are personal notes from the sender to the recipient.  Agents can use the pre-approved greeting cards or they may purchase cards for their book of business for special occasions. They need to be very neutral, with simple greetings.

    Business cards can be included with thank you, holiday and greeting cards.

    If you need help sending out cards or have any questions, please call 800-777-9322 or email info@eisgroup.net