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  • Cigna is set to acquire Express Scripts for $67 billion

    NEW_BreakingNewsYesterday, Cigna and Express Scripts released they are in a definitive agreement whereas Cigna will acquire Express Scripts. This press release stated this merger is expected to “drive greater affordability and connectivity with customers and their health care providers, while making health care simpler”. Read more of the press release by clicking here.

    What this means for you? Well, lets hope these prescription drug plans will be commissionable and you should have a powerhouse of a plan. Call us for more details on selling prescription drug plans. Your not selling prescription drug plans?????…you should! Let us help 800-777-9322

  • CMS rejects Arkansas’ request to scale back Medicaid expansion

    Medicaid ImageOn Monday, CMS rejected Arkansas’ request to roll back its Medicaid expansion. However, they did  approved the state’s proposal to impose work requirements on current Medicaid beneficiaries. Modern Healthcare reports, “the state sought to scale back eligibility to residents earning 100% of the federal poverty level, or approximately $12,000 for an individual or $24,500 for a family of four. If approved, the move would have cut up to 61,000 beneficiaries from the program”. The work requirements will require non-disabled adults between the ages of 18 and 49 are required to work 80 hours per month or participate in approved volunteer activities or job training. Non-compliance for three months will result in the beneficiary losing coverage for the remaining part of the year. Read more by clicking here.

    Medicaid beneficiaries who also have medicare are eligible for a continuous enrollment into a Medicare Advantage plan. Let us help you maximize your sales by marketing to this dual market compliantly. Call us 800-777-9322.