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With over 30 years in the industry, we are confident that we can help you take your business to the next level! Whether you are new to the business or a 20 year veteran, we are here to help. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our exciting portfolio of carriers and products you will find that we only represent the best! Once you begin a relationship with Eldercare you will have access to nationwide quote engines, production reports, view company appointments, writing numbers in all states you are appointed just to name a few.

We offer customized lead programs, training from the best agents in the country, prospecting tools, contest incentives and much more. Our goal is not only to train you how to maximize your time doing what you do best, but also to build a relationship that last for many years to come. Our company is run by veteran agents that understand and respect what you need to be successful. You are not just a number to us! Call today and let us start working for you to ensure your continued success in the most booming industry in the country!

  • How To Get Leads for AEP?

    One of our most successful lead sources is our T-65 Lead Letter. We are proud to help support our directly contracted Medicare Advantage writing agents.

    This letter gets sent to residents that are turning 65 in your area. It also introduces you, the agent, and provides them an opportunity to call you to learn more about their options when is comes to Medicare.

    For our certified and appointed agents that have ten (10) Medicare Advantage enrollments issued with 2018 effective dates you will qualify for a FREE 1,000 piece turning-65 Medicare Advantage lead mailer with Postage-Paid business return cards. This offer includes the postage, printing, mailing data and return postage on all submitted business return cards- At NO COST TO YOU!

    The qualifying enrollments must be with a Medicare Advantage carrier you are direct with Eldercare lnsurance Services, lnc. All you need to do is complete our 2018 Lead Mailer Enrollment Verification Form.

    To learn more call 800-777-9322 or email info@eisgroup.net

  • New Medicare Card – Update

    The newly-designed Medicare cards continues to successfully mail out from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We are excited to share with you important progress updates with you.

    CMS is constantly focusing on fraud and protecting identities of people with Medicare. To do this, they’re:

    Using trusted industry tools and standards to verify addresses.

    • Comparing each address against multiple information sources to ensure we’re mailing to the right person and the right address.
    • Mailing cards to people with Medicare when we have high confidence in their identity and address.

    As of August 31, CMS has mailed out nearly 35 million cards and continue to mail more every day. They already are showing that providers are successfully using the new number.

    They have finished mailing cards to people who live in Waves 1,2,3 and 4 states and will start the next Wave this week.
    See below the updated table:

    If someone with Medicare says they didn’t get a card after their mailing wave ended, they need to:

    • Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) where we can verify their identity, check their address and help them get their new card.
    • Continue to use their current card to get health care services until they get their new card.

    People with Medicare should continue to protect their new number to prevent medical identity theft and healthcare fraud. They also launched a national fraud prevention campaign in September before Medicare Open Enrollment.  CMS will continue to raise awareness about potential scams so it is very important to be aware.

    Source: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/New-Medicare-Card/NMC-Mailing-Strategy.pdf

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