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  • Diabetic Supplies Through Mail Order Pharmacy

    This is great news! 

    Members contracted through Allwell can get their diabetic supplies through the mail order pharmacy – i.e. insulin supplies, needles, lancets.

    Allwell Mail Order Pharmacies

    For certain kinds of prescription drugs, you can use their network mail order pharmacies. Generally, the drugs available through mail order are drugs that you take on a regular basis for a chronic or long-term medical condition. The drugs available through our mail order pharmacies are marked as mail order (MO) drugs on our List of Drugs (Formulary).

    Using a mail order pharmacy allows you to:

    • Order up to a 90-day supply of drugs.
    • Have your order delivered safely to your door. This may mean fewer trips for you to the pharmacy.

    Usually, you can expect to receive your drugs within 10 days from the time the mail order pharmacy receives your order. If your mail order is delayed, you can contact the pharmacy directly.

    You can choose from two mail order pharmacies:

    Ordering is easy. Select the mail order pharmacy you want to use above and open the order form for complete details. You can order online, by phone or by mail.

  • CMS Blackout Period: Nov 9-17


    They are updating their systems and unfortunately it happens during AEP because it has to be done before the new year begins.

    Agents still turn in applications as usual, they will just show as pending until they are processed after 11/17.

    Why still turn them in?
    The carriers are still processing applications as usual, meaning if you wait all your applications will be considered late. This may trigger a violation. During this time, all applications will show as pending on the carrier’s agent portal.

    Does this impact all plans?
    All Medicare Part C and D plans are impacted. Medicare Supplements and ancillary products should be business as usual.

    For more information please give us a call at 800-777-9322

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