Prosperity Rate Decrease

YOU HEARD CORRECT THERE IS A RATE DECREASE AND IT IS BY -2.OO%. Plan G Decrease By -2.00% Decrease in Mississippi Only 12 Month Advance With No Interest Voice Signature EApp Plan G Female Rate of $93.24* We all know

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What’s Covered App, 2019 Medicare Costs Sheet, Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, and More

If you don’t acquire knowledge in line with your field, you may be missing out on big opportunities. Eldercare has created a white page covering the following: What’s Covered App 2019 Medicare Costs Sheet Choosing a Medigap Policy booklet Tele-Health

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Cigna And Express Scripts Deal Completed

For those that don’t already know Cigna has been acquiring Express Scripts to try and generate meaningful savings in medical and pharmacy costs for its members. The $54 billion acquisition completed December 20, 2018. David Cordani, Cigna’s president, said the

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Post AEP Survey Results and Analysis

How are you feeling about this AEP? The average answer was 71, with 0 being awful and 100 being amazing. AEP can be really stressful especially due to the time crunch so we are happy that our agents averaged out

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AEP Ends Today!

Submit Applications direct to the Carrier! please do NOT send us the copies Also, Applications must be received by the carrier by December 7th at 11:59 p.m.  Received date is not reflected in the postmark but by the date the carrier has the

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Important Medicare Guidelines for Holiday and Thank You Cards

As the holiday season is upon us, there are important Medicare guidelines to follow as you are writing out those holiday and thank you cards. These guidelines apply to all Thank You, Holiday and Greeting Cards. Permitted Statements A simple

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CVS And Aetna Have Until Dec. 14 To Show Why Their Consolidation Shouldn’t Be Held Off

In a highly unusual move, a federal judge on Monday told pharmacy giant CVS Health Corp and the insurer Aetna that they can’t start their consolidation and must keep their management separate until he weighs in on their $70 billion merger.

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What is CVS Health going to do with the Aetna business?

We are excited to share that CVS Health, the nation’s premier health innovation company, has completed its acquisition of Aetna. The combination of CVS Health and Aetna is a transformative moment for our company and our industry. With the combined

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Medicare Approved Amounts vs. Doctor and Supplier Billed Amounts

Just because someone googles the amount of a hip replacement or an MRI and gets an outrageous price does NOT mean that is the price they will be charged.  Yes, there is a difference between the Medicare-approved amount and the

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Diabetic Supplies Through Mail Order Pharmacy

This is great news!  Members contracted through Allwell can get their diabetic supplies through the mail order pharmacy – i.e. insulin supplies, needles, lancets. Allwell Mail Order Pharmacies For certain kinds of prescription drugs, you can use their network mail order

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