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Eldercare's Annual Endurance Training

At the beginning of every year Eldercare hosts their Annual Endurance Trainings. These trainings are for either existing Medicare Insurance Agents or folks interested in becoming Medicare Insurance Agents. There are a lot steps to take to make sure you are making the  most of selling in this industry. We hope these trainings help you learn something new, inspire you to work with Eldercare and to PUMP YOU UP for an amazing year. 

These trainings were live and we appreciate everyone who was able to attend. Don't worry, if you missed out, we still want to be able to help you. Eldercare is here to light your path to success.

How it works: these training are broke into 4 different parts and as your scroll you will see exactly what topics we cover in each part. Be sure to have your pen and paper to take notes and follow up with one of team member on any questions you may have. 

Part 1 is all about getting started as a Licensed Insurance Agent and what all your options may be.
Topics Include:
        ✓ Where to go to get Licensed
        ✓ Where to go to get E & O
        ✓ Individual VS. Business Entity
        ✓ What an FMO is
        ✓ Why Choose Eldercare as your FMO
        ✓ What Products to be contracted with
        ✓ How to Confirm you're 'Ready to Sell'

Part 2 is all about learning the basics of Medicare and what your clients options are once they are Medicare eligible. Topics Include:
        ✓ How to get in front of potential clients
        ✓ What is Medicare
        ✓ Medicare Costs
        ✓ Medicare Parts A, B, C, D
        ✓ Your Clients 2 Options
        ✓ Needs Analysis Form
        ✓ Appointment Setting

Part 3 is all about knowing where to go to Quote & Submit Medicare Product Applications.
Topics Include:
        ✓ Eldercare Broker Rate Quote
        ✓ Mobile Quotes
        ✓ Carrier Specific Portals
        ✓ Medicare ][ CENTER
        ✓ How to Quote & Enroll Medicare Supplements
        ✓ How to Quote & Enroll Medicare Advantage Plans
        ✓ How to Quote & Enroll Prescription Drug Plans

Part 4 is all about what you can be doing to take your Medicare Business to the next level.
Topics Include:
        ✓ What are Immediate Health Needs
        ✓ What & How to Cross-Sell
        ✓ Selling Final Expense
        ✓ Where to see your Production
        ✓ Client Retention
        ✓ Scaling your Agency
        ✓ Setting SMART Goals

Eldercare is dedicated to helping insurance agents be successful. Contact us today to begin the path to success, 800-777-9322.