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Medicare Approved Amounts vs. Doctor and Supplier Billed Amounts

Just because someone googles the amount of a hip replacement or an MRI and gets an outrageous price does NOT mean that is the price they will be charged.  Yes, there is a difference between the Medicare-approved amount and the

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Diabetic Supplies Through Mail Order Pharmacy

This is great news!  Members contracted through Allwell can get their diabetic supplies through the mail order pharmacy – i.e. insulin supplies, needles, lancets. Allwell Mail Order Pharmacies For certain kinds of prescription drugs, you can use their network mail order

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CMS Blackout Period: Nov 9-17

CMS STOPS PROCESSING ENROLLMENTS DURING THIS PERIOD. They are updating their systems and unfortunately it happens during AEP because it has to be done before the new year begins. Agents still turn in applications as usual, they will just show as pending until they

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Omaha Health Insurance Company’s Sanction Lifted In Florida

“We are pleased to announce that Mutual of Omaha has received all necessary licenses and approvals and will offer its Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in the state of Florida, effective immediately. An administrative issue with our license to sell Part

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AEP Walmart Retail Program

We want to congratulate one of our new agents, Marla Coplin, for getting the “Service Spotlight” in her local newspaper! The picture above is Marla at her booth at her local Walmart. Read the full article [HERE]. This is Marla’s first

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Vote Eldercare!

Eldercare Insurance Services is lead by individuals who understand the mindset, needs and goals of independent producers like you. We are certain you will find EIS different from other brokerages in several positive ways. IF YOU COULD VOTE ELDERCARE, WE

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Halftime Report For The Annual Enrollment Period

AEP runs for 8 weeks and we are starting week 4 today. Which means you technically have 5 weeks left. Carriers are still accepting certifications if you would still like to give AEP a try for additional business. Email

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Only Two Months Left To Submit 2018 Business

There are only two months left to submit 2018 business. If you don’t work holidays and weekends then there is only 38 days left. Have you checked your year to date numbers? Are you in the running to win a

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