Final Expense

Get contracted with Aetna Insurance Company
American Continental Final Expense
  • Rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  • Simplified Application
  • No Height & Weight Chart
  • No MIB Check
  • Has a GI Life Product with up to 25,000
  • A Rated company with AmBest
  • In business 160 years
Get contracted with ARLIC/LA/UTA
American Retirement Life & Loyal American Life Insurance Companies
  • Electronic Applications- No wet signatures required
  • Advancing Available
  • Competitive Rates
  • Medicare Supplements Available
Get contracted with Bankers Fidelity Life
Bankers Fidelity Life
  • Level Premium Guaranteed to Never Increase
  • Issue Ages 0-85
  • Accidental Death Benefit up to Age 55
  • Child Insurance Riders Available
Get contracted with Bankers Fidelity Life
Bankers Fidelity Life
  • Builds Cash Value
  • Optional Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
  • Issue Ages 45-85
  • No Waiting Period
Get contracted with Christian Fidelity
Christian Fidelity
  • Excellent Rates
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time on Application Issue
  • Fax Application Process
  • Point of Sale Phone Interview Available
Get contracted with Constitution Life Insurance
Constitution Final Expense
Get contracted with Continental Life Insurance
Continental Life Insurance
  • Simplified Application
  • No height/weight chart
  • A Rated by AM Best
  • No MIB Check
Get contracted with Liberty Bankers Life
Liberty Bankers Life
  • Minimum Policy $3,000
  • Maximum Policy $30,000
  • Issues Ages 18-80
  • B Rated Company
Get contracted with Medico Insurance Company
Medico Insurance Company
Get contracted with One Life America
One Life America
Get contracted with Pekin Life Insurance Company
Pekin Life Insurance Company
  • Rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  • No Telephone Interview
  • 12-month Rate Guarantee
  • Established in 1965
Get contracted with United American Insurance
United American Insurance
United Presidential Final Expense
Get contracted with Settlers Life Insurance Company
Settlers Life Insurance Company
  • 100% Vesting Upon Appointment
  • No Policy Fees
  • A Plan for Virtually EVERY Client
  • High Lifetime Renewal Commissions
Get contracted with American Home Life
American Home Life
  • Product for Ages 0-85
  • Final Expense & Term
  • Guarantee Issue Product
  • Strong Foundation Since 1909
Get contracted with Americo
  • Guaranteed Coverage in Select States
  • Pipe/Cigar smokers qualify for non-smoker rates
  • 48 Hour turnaround time on application issue
  • Fax Application Process
Get contracted with Baltimore Life
Baltimore Life
  • A Rated by AM Best
  • Phone Application(100% phone sale process)
  • Same Day Application Issue
  • Silver Guard for Ages 50-80 & Secure Solutions for Ages 0-80
Get contracted with Equitable Life & Casualty
Equitable Life & Casualty
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Same Day Policy Issue
  • Phone Application Process
  • Builds Cash Value
Get contracted with Foresters
  • A Rated by AM Best
  • Been in business over 135 years
  • Numerous Member Benefits including the annual awarded scholarships
  • Whole Life, Term Life, & Universal Life available
Get contracted with Gerber Life
Gerber Life
  • Guarantee Issue Product
  • Ages 50-80
  • Grow Up Plan available for Sales
  • On line application
Get contracted with Kemper
  • Guarenteed Issue final expense
  • No health Questions
  • A- Rated carrier
  • Issue ages 40-80
  • Telesales approved
  • Lifetime renewals
Get contracted with Mutual Of Omaha
United of Omaha
  • Level Pay and Graded Benefit Plans are available
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness or Nursing Home Confinement Rider included in the policy at no additional charge
  • No Point of Sale Phone Interview
  • Simplified Underwriting
  • Smart Phone Premium Rate Calculators
  • Complete referral system
Get contracted with New Era Insurance Company
New Era Insurance Company
  • Guaranteed $5,000 Life Policy with every Issued Medsup Application
  • Competitive Rates
  • Ages 0-85
  • Simplified Underwriting
Get contracted with Oxford Life
Oxford Life
  • Excellent Rates
  • 48 Hour Turnaround time on Application Issue
  • Fax Application Process
  • Point of Sale Phone Interview available
Get contracted with Sentinel Security
Sentinel Life
  • Competitive Rates
  • Combo Application Available
  • Lead Program Available
  • Policy Fee is Fully Commissionable
Get contracted with Standard Life And Accident
Standard Life and Accident
  • Tele app available (NO WET SIGNATURE REQUIRED)
  • E & O required
  • Competitive rates and Commissions
  • Lead Program Available
Get contracted with Standard Life And Casualty
Standard Life And Casualty
  • Ages 50-85
  • No graded or Modified plans available
  • Some of the LOWEST rates
  • Can fax applications
Get contracted with Transamerica
Transamerica Premier
  • Complimentary Membership with Legacy Safeguard Planning
  • Competitive Rates and Great Commissions
  • Free leads with legacy safeguard referral system
  • Wal-Mart discount drug program
Get contracted with United Home Life
United Home Life
  • CAN submit business with contract
  • Ages 20-80
  • Offers Direct Monthly billing
  • Guaranteed Issue and Non Med Whole Life Available