Want to Add Thousands of Dollars to Your Income? Contract to Sell ACA Now Through Eldercare!

acaWe are proud to announce that we are adding ACA to our portfolio of products to sell this year! You trust us with your Med Supp, Final Expense, Medicare Advantage, and all of your other insurance business- now you can trust us with your ACA business, too. Selling ACA products is a phenomenal opportunity to increase your yearly income by THOUSANDS of dollars!  Open Enrollment is from November 1st, 2015 to January 31st, 2016 (13 weeks).  Special Enrollment Periods are also available- some common examples are marriage, divorce, having a child, moving to a different area, and change of income.

Average agents can add over $20,000 to their annual income selling ACA- and that’s between just 20 and 40 enrollments! Agent commissions are between 5%-10%, and the average ACA premium for a family of four is $10,000.  At a commission of just 6%, you could add this much to your yearly income:

  • 20 Enrollments = $12,000 (1.5 per week)
  • 30 Enrollments = $18,000 (2.5 per week)
  • 40 Enrollments = $24,000 (3 per week)
  • 50 Enrollments = $30,000 (4 per week)

The certification process is simple and fast- and we are here to readily assist you with completing all requirements so you can be on your way to bigger and better paychecks!  Call 800.777.9322 to get started!


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