Plan F Offers Sales Opportunity for Years to Come

We’ve all heard the news about Plan F and Plan C being eliminated in 2020, but have you heard the rest of the story? ┬áPlans F and C are actually not being eliminated for everyone, just those aging in to Part A of Medicare in 2020 and beyond.

Both plans F and C will still be available for sale to Medicare recipients who were enrolled in Part A coverage before January 1st, 2020.

Not only do agents have 3 more years to sell Plan F coverage across the board, several more years of sales opportunity for the Medicare Supplement plans will be open for years to come.

You can still benefit from selling competitive Plan F products! ┬áSome of these have more competitive rates than Plan G; if the Plan F better suits your client’s needs, don’t forget they can still take advantage of this coverage moving forward.

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