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Keeping with our commitment to bring you the best in the insurance industry and senior market, we proudly announce the EIS Mobile App. This incredible tool is available on any smartphone, tablet, or handheld device. All you need is an internet connection to instantly get leads, run quotes, and close deals. Eldercare is on the cutting edge of technology and brings it right to your hands. Now you can have the freedom and flexibility to sell your products without any hassle. Only agents licensed through Eldercare can access this one-of-a-kind platform. So sign up today to get started. We have the best products, and now, the best tools.

T-65 Map
Finding leads is easy with the EIS Mobile App. With one click, you can see people turning 65 in your vicinity. Target people on your block or plan a route through a neighboring town. You can set the age range, distance, and number of results. The markers on the map are clickable and will show the exact name, address and phone number where available. The map uses your phone’s GPS and other methods to find your location with amazing accuracy. You can also drag the origin to center the map on any position. You will not find this tool anywhere else.
Instant Rate Quotes
Instantly compare the rates from dozens of top carriers from anywhere. Our Mobile App gives you quick quotes on Medicare Supplement and Final Expense products. Stop carrying a ton of paperwork just to be able to look up rates. And no longer do you have to tell a prospect that you will “get back” to them after you have a chance to run quotes. The information is organized in an easy to read format that you can take wherever you go. You can even see information about discounts, fees and pending rate changes. It has never been so easy.
Get Access Today
If you are not already licensed through Eldercare, you can start the process now. If you are licensed trough Eldercare, just go to eismobile.com on your mobile device. Or you can scan the barcode below.
T-65 Map
Or, you can have the link sent to your phone in a text message. Just enter your cell phone number below.

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