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Webinar: WalMart Store Selling Opportunity for 2017 AEP!

Want to be in a high-traffic area of your community for 2017 AEP?  Learn more about this opportunity to speak to customers about their Medicare needs! Find out how to become an in-store agent in your local Walmart and the

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Reserve Your Wal-Mart Store for AEP Today!

Now opening:  Wal-Mart store registration for AEP! You now have the opportunity to sign up to sell in the Wal-Mart store of your choice for 2017 AEP!  This is a great opportunity to be in a high-traffic area of your community.

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Increased 2017 Commissions for Medicare Advantage & Part D Announced

CMS announced increased 2017 commission levels for Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans on May 27th, 2016. Medicare Advantage & Section 1876 Cost Plans Initial Year Info: National: $443 Connecticut, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia:  $498 California, New Jersey:

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Coverage May Increase with Clinton’s “Medicare for More”- Along with Costs

Hillary Clinton is being highly publicized as she advocates a buy-in to Medicare option before age 65, which she calls “Medicare for More”; but if changes aren’t made in the current Medicare setup the option may end up costing more out-of-pocket. Under

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CMS Provides Medicare Agent/Broker Training & Testing Guidelines

CMS recently released updated training materials for Medicare agents and brokers for the upcoming year 2017. For agents selling Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans, this material is very useful and also has a practice

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